Gather Local Market

Gather Local Market

  • September 1, 2022
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Ideas Inc is extremely proud to be working with the City of Saskatoon to lease and operate the Farmers Market Building space, attached to our existing building.

Gather Local Market

This is an iconic facility in an amazing location, right in the core of our great city in close proximity to the South Saskatchewan River.

Since 2020, our team has been working diligently in collaboration with the City and Henry Downing Architects to bring our vision for the space to life.

The building itself will see an immacuate renovation of the winter months, leading up to the May 2023 opening.
What exactly is Gather Local Market? Here are the quick details:

  • Open for business 6 days per week
  • 2 dedicated farmers market days in season
  • 30 spaces for vendors inside the building including
  • 6 artisan/retails spaces
  • 8 restaurants
  • 6 craft alcohol spaces
  • 1 fully licensed bar

Consumers will be able to sample, consume and purchase locally produced alcohol, grab their staple grocery items including produce, deli meats, dairy products and baked goods. Patrons will also be able to browse the products of local artists and retailers, and of course, enjoy a meal amongst friends from Saskatoon’s finest culinary talents.

Gather Local Market takes supporting local to the next level. Our concept is completely new to Saskatoon and we are inspired by similar markets from around the country and around the world.

We drew inspiration from these facilities that have become landmarks in their respective cities. We were inspired by their ability to create a vibrant space for the local community to gather (hence the name) and a destination point for tourists.
For more information visit our website for the most up-to-date information: