Available Space

Ideas Inc. currently does not have any available private office or retail space available. With that being said, this can change on a monthly basis. We continually update this page with the latest availability as it arises. It’s always a good idea to book a tour and meet with us so we can properly assess Available Space

Gather Local Market

Gather Local Market

This is an iconic facility in an amazing location, right in the core of our great city in close proximity to the South Saskatchewan River. Since 2020, our team has been working diligently in collaboration with the City and Henry Downing Architects to bring our vision for the space to life. The building itself will Gather Local Market

School for Startups Fall 2022

School For Startups

What is School for Startups, you might ask? Quite simply, School for Startups cuts the BS. We deliver practical knowledge and education to launch the startup of your dreams. This entrepreneurship course was designed by entrepreneurs for aspiring entrepreneurs. Our comprehensive curriculum is based on a 10-night module that is focused on delivering practical knowledge School for Startups Fall 2022